Our value: printed, digital or combining the best of both worlds.

We firmly believe in bridging the gap between tourist, advertisers and hotels. Let the reach and quality of our magazines increase your brand awareness and revenues as you benefit from the coverage of our magazines.

Imagine what will happen if you are able to take full advantage of the opportunity to reach your target audience directly thanks to our in-room TV channel and via their smartphone or tablets thanks to our website.

The best part? Combining both printed and digital media, Nights Publications and Island Guide TV offer unlimited possibilities to maximize exposure at your target audience. Tailor your strategic marketing approach with online & offline synergy and reap full benefits with our state-of-art solutions. Read below for more information, or reach out directly to discuss the endless possibilities!

Advertising in our Magazines

Trusted and recognized throughout the Caribbean, Nights Publications publishes the premier lifestyle and travel magazines on Aruba and Curaçao. With a total readership of over 3 million annually on Aruba and Curaçao, the reach of these magazines provides your target audience with informative and entertaining information, exposing them to the best shopping, restaurants, activities, beaches, nightlife, and the best incentives offered by your brand. The handy map of Aruba will guide visitors downtown and to the main hotel zones.

Aruba Nights & Island Gourmet are available to visitors free at the airport, hotel and timeshare resorts, retail outlets, restaurants, car rental agencies, tour bus operators, travel agents, ports of disembarkment for cruise vessels, and tourist offices. All tourist segments are covered, thereby ensuring maximum exposure for your brand.

    Advertise on Island Guide TV

    Island Guide TV covers the digital and mobile channels by which you can easily and effectively reach your target group. Right in the hotel room through the in-room TV channel and even on the go with the state-of-the-art mobile app. Island Guide TV is available free of charge for tourists and for both iOS and Android users.

    Island Guide TV provides tourists with a ‘‘television magazine’’: all they need to know about the island’s history and culture while also highlighting the best beaches, dining, and shopping areas. It shows the island’s natural beauty at its best and all the must-see attractions. Visitors discover what to do and where to go in a quick and entertaining way, while seeing your commercial informing them of your products and/or services.

    By combining the digital and mobile channel in this integrated and recognizable way, your brand is offered unparalleled exposure throughout the complete end-to-end customer journey.

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        ''After we started working with Island Guide TV we got more tourists from the different hotels that Island Guide TV is been working with''

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        "We choose to work with Island Guide TV because we heard good things about them and additionally they have been very timely with everything we asked for. What we received was exactly what we expect, very good experience!"

        Serena's Art Factory

        ''Serena’s Art Factory has been working with My Curacao Guide for over 5 years now. It improves the visibility of our company to visitors and locals of Curacao. The Curacao Travel Magazine is widely available with interesting and qualitative content. For Serena’s Art Factory it is worth the investment to be represented in this magazine!''

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