7 Facts About Aruba

7 Facts About Aruba

1. When the weather is clear, the coastline of Venezuela can be seen from Aruba. In fact, the distance is only 30 kilometers as the crow flies.

2. The population of Aruba’s capital, Oranjestad, is about 35,000, approximately one-third of the island’s total. The architecture reflects the influence of Dutch colonization while the buildings’ bright colors are distinctly Caribbean.

3. The official slogan of the island is “One Happy Island.” When you get there, you notice that the people definitely live by it too.

4. The lowest temperature ever measured on Aruba is 19 degrees Celsius (66.2 Fahrenheit).

5. Aruba has the most sunny days compared to the other Caribbean islands.

6. The first known inhabitants of the island of Aruba were the Caiquetio Indians of the Arawak tribe from Venezuela. This tribe lived in small family groups in the coastal areas we know today as Malmok and Palm Beach.

7. On Aruba you just drink water from the tap. The water tastes great. It is gentle on your skin and hair when you shower.