Activities on Aruba that will blow your mind!

Are you an experienced Aruba visitor? Then some of the next activities will not come as a surprise. However, there might still be an activity out there you’ve never heard of, but would still blow your mind! In this blog we will share some of our favorite activities on Aruba.


The underwater world of Aruba

The clear blue water surrounding Aruba is probably one of the main reasons why you choose Aruba as your destination. Most days the water has a pleasant temperature, which makes it perfect to explore the Caribbean Sea. There are some epic locations where you can find a variety of marine life. Boca Catalina and Tres Trapi are two popular snorkeling spots to check out Aruba’s marine life. Do you want to be amazed by coral reefs? Then explore the waterside of Savaneta. Near Savaneta at Mangel Halto, you are able to snorkel toward a shipwreck to explore even more marine life. Beware of the current, this can get very strong, and also be aware of your surroundings. If you would like to explore more shipwrecks, or go to more deserted coral reefs, then check out one of the tours offered on our website.


Go back in time and meet ancient spirits

Aruba has a rich history and there is still evidence of the first inhabitants to be found on the island. These activities on Aruba will bring you closer to this history. The Arawak Indians called Aruba their home until 1513. Their presence is still visible in the caves at Arikok National Park. In the Fontein Cave, you will find drawings the Arawaks left behind. At another cave called Quadirikiri Cave, you’ll find a surreal natural skylight. The legend about the skylight in this cave is that it was made by banished lovers whose spirits broke through the rock to be together forever. Besides the history of the Indians, you can also discover the remains of the gold rush in the 1400s and 1500s. At the north coast, you will find Bushiribana Gold Mines Ruins, where they collected and cleaned the gold. Next to the Spanish Lagoon, in the Frenchman’s Pass (Franse Pas), you will find the ruins of the Balashi Gold Mills, here the surrounding nature has overgrown the area.


Catch your own dinner with local fishermen

Watch the sunrise from the Caribbean Sea surrounded by enthusiastic local fishermen and enjoy the taste of fresh fish. The Arawak Indians lived mostly from the sea when they inhabited the island. Even when the Spanish and Dutch came to Aruba, fish remained the main source of food for a very long time. Aruba offers over a dozen fish charters that will help you catch your own dinner. They will clean your fish so you can grill it at your apartment or hotel, or ask the captain which restaurants will prepare the fish for you. The main harbors for charter boats are the Renaissance Marina and Hadicurari. Keep in mind that the ocean can be pretty rough and choppy with an average of 4ft waves.


Activities on Aruba guided by professionals

There are way more mind-blowing activities to be experienced on Aruba. That’s why we have made an overview with lots of activities to do on the island. You can book various tours on Aruba to discover Arikok, the remains of the gold rush, and much more. Book the tour of your choice easily through our website, and get your confirmation within minutes. Do you want to learn more about a specific topic? Let us know by sending us a message, because we would love to share more about our home island!

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