Best Beaches on Aruba

Whatever your heart desires, Aruba has a beach for everyone.
Laze in the sun, dive tropical reefs, windsurf with the champions, or watch the kids splash happily in calm shallows. You can also dine barefoot on soft white sands, swim in a hidden rock pool way off the beaten track, walk on the island’s “wild side,” or share a breathtaking sunset with that special person.


Arashi Beach
White sand, calm, shallow waters, and abundant underwater life make Arashi a local favorite for sun, sand, and sea activities. The quiet, narrow stretch of beach near the California Lighthouse is a great place to get away from it all. Dive the elkhorn coral reef a short swim from shore, or just lie peacefully under a palapa and watch the pelicans fish. 


Location: West Coast
Ideal for:  Swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, nature watchers 
Facilities:  Parking, beach shelters, refreshments, restrooms
Access: Car, taxi, public bus, tours


Boca Catalina
Both tourists and local families love hanging out in this small, secluded bay. Boca Catalina is popular for its clear, calm, and shallow waters, as well as its nearby reef, teeming with tropical fish. A mix of soft white sand, with some pebbles and stones, the beach is a great place for a romantic walk against the backdrop of a spectacular island sunset.


Location: West Coast
Ideal for: Families, snorkeling, swimming
Facilities: Parking
Access: Car, taxi, tours 

Hadicurari (Fisherman’s Huts)
Once home to Aruba’s fishermen, this rocky strip is now known as the island’s mecca for windsurfing. Every year, Hadi­curari hosts the Aruba Hi-Winds World Challenge, while every day, you can watch brilliantly colored sails and surfboards dance along the waves. Pebbles and shells fleck the water’s edge of a white sandy beach known throughout the Caribbean for its action and excitement.  


Location: West Coast
Ideal for: Swimming, windsurfing, kitesurfing
Facilities: Parking, picnic tables, beach shelters
Access: Car, taxi, public bus



Another popular swimming and snorkeling spot, Malmok is a narrow sandy stretch set in a limestone and rocky terrace along the surrounding coast. Calm, shallow, clear waters create ideal conditions for snorkeling, and there are lots of tropical fish. All major snorkel tour boat operators anchor out front just offshore where the famous Antilla shipwreck is located, which is also a favored spot for divers.


Location: West Coast
Ideal for: Swimming, adventure lovers 
Facilities: Parking, beach shelters
Access: Car, taxi, public bus



Palm Beach (Seco di Coco)

Both Condé Nast Traveler and the Travel Channel have voted Palm Beach one of the world’s best beaches, especially for families. Dotted with watersports kiosks, piers, beach bars, restaurants, and shops, the white sands and calm waters make this two-mile stretch the perfect spot for all vacationers. Sunbathe, sail, swim, snorkel, shop, or stop for a tropical drink in the magnificent garden of a beachfront resort. 


Location: West Coast
Ideal for: Swimming, sunbathing, families, watersports enthusiasts, people-watchers, shoppers
Facilities:  Refreshments, restrooms, beach shelters, hotel amenities, bars, restaurants, nightlife 
Access: Car, taxi, public bus



Eagle Beach

Miles of white sands, clear waters, natural wonders, and calm surf have earned Eagle Beach the award for fourth-best beach in TripAdvisor’s 2019 Travellers’ Choice Top 25 Beaches of the World. The beach is also home to hatching sea turtles and Aruba’s unique fofoti trees. Watersports huts offer everything from snorkel gear to floating mat rentals for added enjoyment.


Location: West Coast
Ideal for: Swimming, sunbathing, walking, families, nature lovers, sunset lovers
Facilities:  Refreshments, restrooms, parking, shaded picnic areas, beach shelters
Access: Car, taxi, public bus



Druif Beach

Looking for a quiet, relaxing spot with calm waters a short way from downtown Oranjestad? Druif Beach offers excellent swimming and sunbathing on a long, narrow, oval-shaped section of ivory sand near a casino, golf course, hotels, and restaurants. Divi Aruba and sister resort Tamarijn bookend the half-mile strand, but there is a broad stretch between the two more favored for non-guest public access.


Location: West Coast
Ideal for: Swimming, sunbathing, dining, nightlife
Facilities: Parking, beach shelters, refreshments, hotel amenities
Access: Car, taxi, public bus



Baby Beach

A gorgeous half-moon bay with white sands, set in an idyllic lagoon protected by rocky breakwaters, has made Baby Beach a family favorite. Swimmers can wade out for a long distance and still touch the sea bottom. Start a perfect day by watching a stunning sunrise, then snorkel the warm, aqua waters to see flourishing coral and tropical fish. On weekends, Arubans like to party here with music and barbecues.


Location: East Coast
Ideal for: Snorkeling, swimming, walking, families, picnics
Facilities: Beach shelters, beach equipment rentals, refreshments, restrooms
Access: Car, taxi



Mangel Halto Beach

This secluded beach with spectacular views, powdery sand, and shady huts is a favorite spot for lovers of marine wonders. Mangel Halto’s calm, shallow waters are rich in sea life supported by a fascinating network of mangroves. You can walk out to the edge of the coral reef to spot parrotfish, yellowtail snapper, sponges, anemones, and many other tropical species. 


Location: East Coast
Ideal for:  Swimming, snorkeling, shore diving, mangrove kayaking, picnics,  nature lovers
Facilities: Parking, beach shelters
Access: Car, taxi, public bus, tours



Renaissance Island

Renaissance Island is a stunning retreat reserved for guests of the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. However, based on availability, non-guests may pay a fee to visit this 40-acre tropical wonderland, complete with pink flamingoes and iguanas. The island is divided into two protected beaches: one for families and one for adults-only, and both sides have luxury cabana rentals.


Location: Off Aruba’s West Coast
Ideal for: Swimmers, families
Facilities: Watersports rentals, refreshments, restrooms
Access: Water taxi



Boca Grandi

Extreme sports enthusiasts rave about the steady winds, strong currents, and powerful waves that challenge advanced windsurfers and kitesurfers. Boca Grandi is not suited for a leisurely swim, but beachcombers have a great time wandering through the sand dunes to scour the shore for driftwood, coral, and the occasional treasure washed up by the ocean. 


Location: East Coast
Ideal for: Windsurfing, kitesurfing, strong swimmers, thrill seekers, beachcombers
Facilities: None, except parking
Access: Car, taxi



Boca Andicuri

Sheltered between clusters of rocks, this dramatic, sandy cove is a world of its own on Aruba’s windward coast. Bring a picnic and a blanket to enjoy the spectacle of crashing waves on the rugged shoreline. Swimming is treacherous, but the steady breeze and rolling surf are excellent for ad­vanced windsurfing and kitesurfing. Boca Andicuri is also a body-boarder’s delight and the site of the occasional competition.


Location: East Coast
Ideal for: Surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers Facilities: Parking, beach shelters
Access: Four-wheel drive recommended, tours



Natural Pool (Conchi)

Be prepared for the prehistoric experience of a lifetime! Surrounded by some of Aruba’s most deserted and rugged terrain, Natural Pool lies hidden among a formation of huge volcanic rocks that jut into the ocean. Swim safely in the blue, sheltered water, as wild seas outside the pool pound the rocky coastline. It’s a great day-trip and getting there in an off-road vehicle is an adventure in itself. 


Location: East Coast
Ideal for: Families, hiking, swimming (pool only)
Facilities: None, except parking
Tours, four-wheel drive, horseback



Dos Playa

Located in the Arikok National Park, this hidden beach is a favorite among surfers, although huge waves and strong currents make it unsuitable for swimming. Dos Playa consists of two bordering coves carved out of the island’s limestone. Picnic on a broad, white beach under the shade of the sea-grape trees and take in the beautiful view. Because of access the beach is often deserted.


Location: East Coast
Ideal for: Surfing, picnics, hiking, nature lovers
Facilities: None
Four-wheel drive, tours

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