Dutch Pancake House in Aruba

The popular Dutch Pancake House opened its doors in 2003. But though they received the first “Best Breakfast in Aruba” award in 2014 and onwards, it’s interesting to note that they also serve delicious dinner.

Many people often ask if The Dutch Pancake House also serves “real food”. Not many people know that they have some delicious dinner options available. Did you know that it is impossible to imagine a Dutch kitchen without schnitzels? If you have tried one, your answer will definitely be YES.

A ‘schnitzel’ is the method of tenderizing meat by pounding it thin, breading it, and then frying it until it’s crunchy on the outside & juicy on the inside. Schnitzels are a dinner specialty of The Dutch Pancake House. They serve a variety of schnitzels; juicy chicken breast, tender pork loin or grouper.

Schnitzels and Cordon Bleus are served with salad, fresh fruit and your choice of home style potatoes, rice, or French fries. Tip for meat lovers; try the farmers schnitzel served with bacon, onion, bell peppers, cheese and mushrooms. Do you prefer fish? Try the delicious Caribbean fish schnitzel.

We promise you that you don’t go home hungry, they serve large portions. If you’d like to experience some of the Dutch traditions on Aruba, try their delicious schnitzels for dinner or pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. •

But one thing you can be certain of is that locals and visitors alike will always keep coming back!


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Instagram: @thedutchpancakehouse


Article written by Susan Campbell