Eco-Friendly Explorations

Leaving lighter footprints and finding planet-friendly pastimes is a breeze on this island if you know what the options are. Allow us to provide you with a few suggestions for eco-friendly explorations…

This lovely little rock is always eager to welcome visitors from all over the world, but environmental awareness must always be a consideration. The eco-system is very fragile. Aruba has taken great strides in protecting its environment, but there’s always more to do, and as a valued visitor, there is much you can do to help as well.


On land

The less vehicular traffic on this tiny 70-mile square grid, the better. Though we recommend you rent a car for at least one day to explore the diverse regions, we also recommend that you take a group tour at the beginning of your holiday. That way you can become acquainted with the highlights and preview where you might like to return.

There are excellent guided nature walks, birdwatching tours, and horseback riding treks to be had, and you’ll also find mountain bike tours and lots of guided hiking opportunities. If you’d like to add history and culture to your explorations, Aruba Walking Tours offers an enlightening guided tour of downtown Oranjestad. Or hop aboard the free eco-friendly trolleys to discover the colorful downtown grid. You can also take the public bus to different beaches and attractions. Arubus is the island’s public transportation company, and they regularly run all throughout the tourism areas.

Biking is another ideal transportation option. Aruba is very flat, and there are two paved linear park paths running seaside- one from the airport to downtown- and the other beginning at Hadicurari Beach and leading to Arashi Beach. There are electric bike rentals available, and bike-share stations dotted around the island. Aruba’s flat terrain is also ideal for the newer trendy modes of getting around like electric sit-down or stand-up scooters.

Whatever mode of transportation you decide to use, please don’t drive on the dunes or beaches as they can be home to Aruba’s wildlife like the native endangered Shoco burrowing owl. And please don’t remove shells from the beaches as souvenirs as they are often home to hermit crabs. Also, stacking rocks to make wish gardens and sculptures disturbs the natural balance and promotes erosion which is also detrimental to the environment.


At sea

Most party/snorkel boats are sail powered with little engine back-up making them an eco-friendly way to explore the seas. But when immersed in the underwater world, please don’t chase marine life down for photos or take anything out of the water. Removing starfish, even for a few minutes, can be fatal for them.

Excellent wind-powered pastimes include windsurfing, kiteboarding, and small sail craft rentals. There are also plenty of SUP operators, and sea kayaking is another popular eco-pastime.


At your accommodations

Many of Aruba’s resorts have taken great strides to offer increasingly eco-friendly operations. You can help by following their in-room eco-practices to conserve water and energy. You can also pitch in by using refillable water bottles.

Some hotels go out of their way to protect nesting sea turtles like Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort. They also host regular beach clean-ups where everyone is always welcome to participate.

To find more ways you can help, visit Aruba Tourism Authority’s “Aruba Promise” campaign:


Keep it Clean!

Article written by Susan Campbell