Eternity Fine Jewels

This is a story about Nick Varde. The fact that he owns Eternity Fine Jewels is secondary to what he really does in this world and on Aruba. Nick has a true gift. A gift that allows him to make an uplifting contact with almost everybody he meets. By using his store as his business card Nick manages to have rewarding communication and connectivity with almost everyone who enters through his doorway. Who has ever heard of such a combination?


It’s a little bit hard to explain and maybe I should draw on my own experience here, but every time I either visit with Nick or see him having conversations with people entering his store he just seems to put the business aside, lights up the room with his energy, exuberance and his genuine desire to share himself and his listening ear with all. It’s almost as if he were a magnet that attracts. And Nick is genuine in what and how he speaks, which is probably what is felt on mine and everyone’s personal radar. I think it’s only fair to say the only thing Nick has to sell is Nick himself and he is a veritable encyclopedia of information relating to Aruba as well as the blinging, jewelry industry. Eternity’s policy is never to oversell itself but to listen well, that’s the culture that Nick has invested in his staff. If ever a purchase needs to be repaired, Eternity has a USA sales repair number 516-515-9967 that will take care of the problem immediately.


In not trying to sound clichéd… If while on vacation you not only want to look good but feel good as well, then go check out Nick and see for yourself, just another great experience here in Aruba. 


By Max Cruz

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