If it’s not Palmera, it’s not local

It’s a rather quaint unimposing building that was constructed some 57 years ago known much more for its contents and the people inside it.


When I first walked into Palmera’s facility I was greeted by a very unique smell that only comes from years of blending rum that just seemed to seep through the cedar woodwork hosting the entranceway. The interesting thing about this first impression is that it felt very ‘Old World’ steeped in history for sure. From that moment I made it a point to meet the owner, Ethan Wong who impressed me with both the company genealogy and his personal history.


Started by his father and a couple of other local Aruban friends in 1960. This small group placed a lot of their life savings together and opened their rum blending factory which has managed to survive an extremely competitive alcohol supply business over the years. And when the old guard passed on it took Ethan 4 years to get the balance of family members to sign off and in 2015, he was able to gather in full control of the company along with his older sister Suzy saying, “This company is in our DNA and the rum must be in our blood, cause it seems to be the perfect combination that keeps both of us inspired.”


You can feel Ethan’s pride when he talks about the factories’ employees most of whom have been there for at least a couple of generations. They handle all the individual processes done by hand in bringing out the old traditional flavor. What sets it apart in the marketplace is that it’s the only rum in Aruba that is also locally home blended, bott led, and not a total import.


Over the years Palmera has expanded to include quite the varied mix of liqueurs and premix offerings that are sold everywhere on Aruba. So, the next time you visit a bar in Aruba, just ask for , the local rum of the island.


“If it’s not Palmera, it’s not local”


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