Local food Aruba

The island’s local cuisine (cominda local) is an interesting mix of cultures and influences, but there are some truly unique Aruban dishes worth seeking out that you’ll seldom find anywhere else.



Funchi is a corn dish made from white or yellow cornmeal. Funchi and is commonly eaten in Aruba, Curaçao en Bonaire as a substitute for potatoes or rice. It is prepared by boiling water and salt in a pan and then, on low heat, gradually adding the cornflour while stirring.




Pastechis are fried, empanada-like pastries stuffed with a variety of fillings. Traditional fillings include spiced meat, seafood, and cheese. If you want to start your day like a local with traditional Aruban breakfast food, eat a warm, flaky pastechi.




Stoba is another favorite local food in Aruba. Stoba is an Antillean stew. Traditional Aruban stobas can be made with a variety of stewed meats, including chicken (Galiña Stoba), beef (Carni Stoba), or goat (Cabrito Stoba).




Pisca Hasa

Pisca hasa crioyo, is a traditional Aruban dish still prepared in many restaurants and at home on the Island. Pisca hasa is fried fish seasoned with a unique blend of Creole spices. It’s a simple dish, but the flavor is delicious!



Keshi Yena

Do you love dishes with savory meat, spices, and melted cheese? Well then, Aruba’s national dish ‘keshi yena’ is for you! The name keshi yena literally means “stuffed cheese” in Papiamento. Keshi yena is an authentic Aruban dish traditionally consisting of a hollowed-out Gouda cheese rind stuffed with savory meat, vegetables, spices, and sauces.



Pan Dushi

Pan dushi is a traditional Aruban sweet bread. In the dough there are raisins, vanilla and almond flavoring, this is folded into small buns and baked until they turn a golden brown color. To finish, a mixture of brown sugar and water is brushed on the buns.



Pan Bollo

One of the most popular traditional desserts in Aruba is Pan Bollo, which is a bread pudding with Ponche Crema or rum, served with ice cream.



Sopi di mondongo

Sopi di mondongo is a traditional Antillean soup. This soup consists of beef tripe, carrot, bell pepper, and quite a few spices. The soup is often eaten with a slice of lime and a nice roll or a piece of funchi.




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