Nights Publications & Island Guide TV Merge Announcement

Success Takes Collaboration 

We hereby officially announce the merger of Nights Publications and Island Guide TV. By integrating our services, advertisers and tourists will benefit from both off- and online access. Therefore we are thrilled to launch our new website www.mycuracaoguide.com and www.myarubaguide.com including a new booking platform for tours and attractions.


The new company will combine the best of both tourism and marketing worlds. Nights, Island Gourmet and Aruba Wedding & Honeymoon Magazines have over 35 years of experience in connecting tourists and advertisers with print media on both, Aruba and Curacao. Whereas Island Guide TV has been providing the same community for the last 7 years with its distinctive in-room TV channel and mobile app.


Douglass Markus, founder and publisher of Nights Publications and Stephanie Schelling, founder and owner of Island Guide TV, have joined forces strengthening and fully integrating their brands, products, services and combined creativity. With a half million copies of magazines and more than 10.000+ hotel rooms that are broadcasting Island Guide TV, it will now become the largest fully integrated publishing and marketing company in both the islands of Aruba and Curacao.


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