Papillon Restaurant

Papillon Restaurant located at The Village in Palm Beach, across the Hilton Resort & Casino, and within walking distance of all other major hotels, invites you to join them on a culinary journey and experience traditional French cuisine with daring Caribbean flair.


Papillon’s menu consists of classic French dishes with a local twist and is perfected with seasonal highlights throughout the year such as White Asparagus, Fresh Dutch Mussels and Oysters, and Game during the season. Papillon can be summed up as a romantic, cozy, casual-elegant restaurant with excellent service, amazing food, and a wonderful atmosphere. It’s a favorite choice for return visitors to Aruba. Quality and Papillon Restaurant have been synonymous for more than 10 years!


For anyone unfamiliar with Papillon and its concept, the restaurant is named aft er one of the most famous prisoners in the world Henri Charrière (portrayed by Steve McQueen in the famous 1973 movie by the same name), who was nicknamed “Papillon” because of the butterfly tattoo on his chest. The theme of the restaurant is in the details, and the ambiance is perfectly executed in the interior design. And people watching has never been more delightful than from the spacious outside terrace.


While guests enjoy the surroundings, European and Caribbean-influenced chefs take the lead in the kitchen cooking skillfully to create palettes reminiscent of colorful restaurants in the French Riviera. The new menu, full of mouth-watering plates, has its sharp focus on fresh ingredients, local produce, and locally caught fish resulting in natural flavors that are outstandingly good. In addition to the extensive menu of both classic and modern infused dinner options, Papillon Restaurant is now also accommodating vegans. Together with Meredith Marin from Vegan Aruba, Papillon offers classic dishes with a vegan approach to cater to everyone’s tastes and wishes.


No meal is complete without a wide variety of wine pairing options. Guests can choose from the extensive list of wines from all over the world such as the famous French Margaux and Pomerol or delicious Italian and celebrated North- and South American wines.


Papillon Restaurant’s team invites you to celebrate life, great food, and great times at their French-Caribbean home!


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