Prenuptial Party Ideas

Aruba is ideal for bachelor or bachelorette parties, and mixed stags, too. There are many cool and unique Prenuptial Party Ideas to do as a group to celebrate the betrothed in high style before the big day.

“Bach parties” as they are more commonly called these days, have become less wild, booze-fueled soirees and more about spending special time with your best buddies before the big day.

Florida native Julianna Hansen, an account executive that represents Amsterdam Manor, completely agrees that “bach parties” have totally evolved. She had her bachelorette shindig here last year with 17 girlfriends.

She says, “I was so excited to show my friends everything I love about this island, none had been here before. But I also wanted my celebration to reflect that we are far more than ‘girlie girls’. Yes, we loved the fancy champagne snorkel boat brunch and dreamy toes-in-the-sand sunset dinner at Passions on the Beach, yet we also had an absolute blast with a private pizza pool party, we hit the pier bars for local food, and buckets of beer, and went off-roading through the wild, rugged outback on ATVs. It was not your grandmother’s bachelorette party!”

However, girls will be girls, and boys will be boys, and there are some pastimes that each gender typically leans more toward when seeking a bonding-by-party trip.

For the girls…

 “Pamper parties” are trending, so, how about gathering your gal pals for a champagne-fueled mani-pedi party. Or book massages and facials, then gather afterward in the water circuit area for some serious de-stressing together. Champagne brunching is big too. (Endless mimosas anyone?) This island has far more than your typical Sunday buffet offerings. You’ll find a la carte Saturday brunches, even night brunches, and some are served right in a pool or even aboard a boat.

 “Girls Gone Green ” is another trend, females focusing on pastimes good for the health of our planet. From private yoga and fitness classes for groups, to Pilates on paddle board, to nature hikes and sea kayaking outings, Aruba has it all. “Girls Gone Green ” is another trend, females focusing on pastimes good for the health of our planet. From private yoga and fitness classes for groups, to Pilates on paddle board, to nature hikes and sea kayaking outings, Aruba has it all. But of course, girls do love to strap on the stilettos and dress to impress for a “Ladies’ Night” out on the town. But how about dressing your squad up in fabulous “flying dresses” for one-of-a-kind photo shoots? Luxury Flying Dress Aruba can make those girls-go-glam dreams come true here, too.

Prenuptial Party Ideas Prenuptial Party Ideas Prenuptial Party Ideas


 For the guys…

Though today’s modern guy is more flexible about what must constitute a bachelor party, there can remain an unwritten “bro’s code’ that insists pastimes be somewhat masculine in nature. Activities like golf and deep-sea fishing are great guy group ideas as are gathering in deluxe cigar lounges or hitting the sports bars. Exploring the island by hiking, or mountain biking, or even on a Harley guided tour are also ideas, or a day out at watching drag racing at Palo Marga International Raceway Park or driving go karts on a professional track will also satisfy that masculine drive.

Pre-wedding fun starts!’


 For the girls and the guys together…

Party boats and bar-hopping party buses are a given, as are group scuba dives and island tours via a multitude of vehicles. But how about some activities unique to this island? Learning beach tennis or blokarting (land sailing) or taking turns doing tandem skydives from 1,000 ft. above are a few. And karaoke and sing-along bars are bach party’s best friends. But how about getting your group some private dancing lessons- like salsa, bachata, or kizomba before they hit the town to set the dance floors on fire? All doable here. And Aruba has a great group of professional photographers ready to document your special event, too.

Foodie groups will delight in the options here as well. A dozen chef’s tables can accommodate private groups, or how about a progressive dinner via a walking tour of downtown? Or how about a vineyard tour or a local distillery tour with samples galore? Need a rainy-day plan B? Gloria cinemas has VIP sections you can reserve for IMAX first-run movies. Or there are always the glitzy casinos, and some are open 24/7!

Plan Swag Bags Ahead

Many of Aruba’s shops will stamp the name of your event theme on handy items like beach bags, drink koozies, and personalized attire if you order ahead. And anything made from Aruba’s famous aloe will always be a hit. And who knows? If you plan your celebration right, your group might want this type of get-together to become an annual thing without the “bach party” theme attached. After all, there’s no place like Aruba for unique holiday fun with your buddies!

By Susan Campbell