Quiz: how well do you know Aruba?

Take This Fun Quiz and Find Out!


1. Who discovered Aruba?

a) Simon Bolivar

b) Christopher Columbus

c) Betico Croes

d) Alonso de Ojeda


2. What is Aruba’s capital city?

a) San Nicolas

b) Gasparito

c) Oranjestad

d) Paradera


3. How many colors are on Aruba’s flag?  

a) Two

b) Three

c) Four

d) Five


4. Aruba’s endangered burrowing owl is known locally as…?

a) Suku

b) Shoco

c) Bolo

d) Watapana


5. What are the ingredients in a Balashi Cocktail? 

a) Pure desalinized Aruba seawater

b) Ponche Crema, rum, and vermouth

c) Pineapple juice, grenadine, and vodka

d) Crème de banane, vodka, rum, and Coecoei


6. Who has priority on Aruba’s roads?

a) Wild donkeys

b) Goats

c) Iguanas

d) Drivers of vehicles over non-motorized vehicles


7. Approximately how many steps are there to get to the top of Mount Hooiberg?

a) 150

b) 300

c) 450

d) 600


8. How do you say, “welcome” in Papiamento?

a) Bon bini

b) Dushi

c) Hopi bon

d) Welkom 


9. What is the name of Aruba’s national park?

a) Arawak National Park

b) Arikok National Park

c) Caiquetio National Park

d) Divi-Divi National Park


10. What is Aruba’s slogan?

a) Wild Beauty

b) Aruba Forever 

c) One Happy Island

d) Always in Your Heart






























1: D
2: C
3: C
4: B
5: A
6: D
7: D
8: A
9: B
10: C


10 out of 10: Are you sure you weren’t actually born here?

8 out of 10: You deserve honorary citizenship.

7 out of 10: You’ve obviously been here before, so “welcome back!”

5 out of 10:
You’ve spent too much time enjoying Aruba’s superb beaches,
then again, can we really blame you?

3 out of 10: You’ll have to stay a little longer until you get them all right!

0 out of 10: What do you mean you thought you were in Aburra?


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