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Generational Pride

Sammy & Raj seemed to be blessed with good fortunes as they were able to secure a new location in the Hotel Zone, right on the main hotel strip across from the Barcelo Hotel. The presence of Royal Jewels & Diamonds right in the thick of the action has changed their business model considerably. Now, the continued pedestrian traffic, as well as the closeness to the high-rise hotels, has brought a more convenient place of business where Raj says, “We now see a greater volume of store traffic almost daily. People love the close proximity and I love welcoming all our loyal, returning clients and meeting so many new people as well.” But it isn’t only the address change that’s new. Sammy and Raj have just welcomed in Krish, their 24-year-old Barcelona & Holland educated son, thrilled at the idea of making his mark in the store and in the world.

As we watch our children grow into maturity and adulthood it’s every parent’s dream to see how they will turn out and, in some cases, it just seems to fit their DNA to move into the family business. Krish seems totally up to the challenge. Not only is this new generation of new ideas and fresh energy inspiring everyone, but Krish’s talent is steeped in design whereby he transforms clients’ old jewelry into modern, contemporary designs so that they can be produced within days of their vacation. From sketch to fruition, a truly unique skill that has both Mom & Dad beaming with pride. With continued humility both Sammy and Raj stand back and see how destiny has taken them forward and never for a moment take for granted the wonderful opportunities that have been bestowed upon them, their family, and their Royal Jewelry Store clientele.

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