Seeking Unique Sweets

Authentic Aruban desserts and variations on them are well worth discovering. Allow us to help you seek out the best unique delights to sweeten your holiday.


Custard creations

When it comes to desserts, Arubans are particularly partial to custards and puddings, often made with coconut, pineapple, or papaya. Many dessert recipes are closely guarded secrets handed down from generation to generation like kesio, a rich crème caramel-type custard traditionally taught to young girls by their mothers. You’ll find it all over the island.


Have your cake and eat it, too

Bolos (cakes) are very popular for dessert; especially cashew nut cake (kashupete). Taste My Aruba downtown always has homemade kashupete. Bolo di glas is another interesting local cake with colored gelatin that makes it look like stained glass. You also sample many different local bolos by the slice like that one at Piece of Cake Dessert Truck.

Adding spirits in desserts is also big. Bolo borracho is laced with a staggering amount of alcohol, and bolo preto (black cake) is another liquor-laden creation featuring dried fruits soaked in spirits for months.

For a different way to get the double pleasure punch of sweetness and spirits together, find Drunk’s Denial in the courtyard of Paseo Herencia for alcohol-infused gourmet baked goods. You choose your spirit, and they will inject mini-Bundt cakes with exotic liqueur syrupslike tequila-chili-honey right on the spot. Pistachio cake is another local favourite. Here they add their own twist by infusing it with rum and amaretto, and their chocolate red wine cake is also a hit. Or try their decadent ‘drunken fruits’ to top crepes, waffle bowls, ice cream, and frozen yogurt there. Full-size ‘drunken cakes’ for special occasions are also available.

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Candy is dandy & cool treats

Kos dushi is locally made candy, you’ll find them in the tokos (corner stores). Try dushi di tamarind, a sweet and sour candy ball, or chupa bebes – homemade lollipops as a fun way to get yoursugar fix. Or crunch into cocada – brightly colored coconut candy and look for brightly colored meringue kisses called sunchis. For cool creamy treats, the Butterfly Farm’s Nectar Café now has homemade coconut ice cream and fun flavors of homemade popsicles like kiwi-watermelon. And they have homemade baked goods, too.


Dutch delights

Many traditional treats from the Netherlands are baked into Aruba’s culinary culture like Dutch-style pancakes. You’ll find over 20 varieties at The Dutch Pancake House. They also have puffy little baby pancakes called poffertjes topped with syrups and icing sugar.

Poffertjes are also being made at the dessert truck Poffertjes van Pofferdorie across the street from the Hilton and at their downtown locati on ArubaMade complex across from the cruise terminal. They also have homemade stroopwafels, thin waffle cookies glued together by caramel syrup, another Dutch treat. And Quinta del Carmen has a decadent stroopwafel parfait on their menu. If you’re here during the winter holidays, seek out the seasonal oliebollen, Dutch style doughnut holes stuffed with raisins and currents. Addictive!

dutch pancake house



Tickle your tastebuds with our artisanal prepared sweet treats! Made right in front of you on a special solid copper cooking plate, Poffertjes are traditional Dutch mini pancakes served with melted butter and powdered sugar. They can also be enjoyed with a multitude of delicious toppings. It’s an easy and convenient snack to grab and go and satisfy your sweet tooth. Find us in front of the Hilton Resort and at Aruba Made in Oranjestad!

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Have a sweet stay!


Article written by Susan Campbell