Shopping on Aruba

Take advantage of the fantastic store selections and go shopping on Aruba. 


Stores are open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Saturday, although some Mainstreet stores close for siesta from noon to 2 p.m. Certain stores are open Sunday mornings and on holidays when cruise ships are in port. Most malls open at 10 a.m. and stay open until at least 10 p.m.



US citizens, regardless of age, who have been out of the country for a minimum of 48 hours and who have not used their respective dutyfree allowance within 30 days are entitled to an $800 duty-free tax exemption. Family members who live in the same home and return together can pool their exemptions, meaning a couple with two children can bring home $3,200 worth of articles, duty-free. Alcohol: The duty-free allowance for US citizens aged 21 and over is two liters (67.6 US fl oz) as long as one of the liters was produced in a Caribbean Basin Initiative country, and the value of which is included within the $800 exemption.


For more information on other possible exemptions visit www.cbp.gov.



Canadian citizens who have been outside Canada for seven days or more are permitted a duty-free exemption of $800. Apart from tobacco and alcohol products, the goods purchased can follow at a later date. Citizens are permitted the same duty-free exemption of $800 if they are out of the country for 48 hours or more, provided they have all the goods with them when they arrive in Canada. Citizens are permitted a duty-free exemption of $200 for an absence of 24 hours or more; all goods must accompany them, and the exemption does not apply to tobacco or alcohol products. Personal exemptions cannot be pooled with your spouse and/or children, nor can the 48-hour exemption be combined with the seven-day exemption. Alcohol: The duty-free allowance for Canadian citizens (who meet the legal age of the province they re-enter) is 1.5 liters of wine or 1.14 liters of alcohol or 8.5 liters of beer or ale.


For more information on other possible exemptions visit www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca.



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