Luxury Flying Dress: Deluxe
$856 p.p.
Where Elegance Meets Exclusivity in Aruba

Experience the pinnacle of glamour with our Luxury: Flying Dress Deluxe package, a curated fusion of style and sophistication set against the enchanting backdrop of Aruba. Revel in the luxury of donning two distinct Flying Dresses in a single, mesmerizing location*, creating a visual symphony of colors and grace.

Delve into Luxury Flying Dress Deluxe:

Draped in your choice of two exquisite dresses from our opulent Flying Dresses collection, embark on a 90-minute photographic odyssey, capturing the essence of your elegance amidst Aruba’s scenic wonders. With expert posing guidance, each movement becomes a portrait of grace, ensuring your unique beauty is immortalized in every frame. This deluxe experience includes 25 professionally retouched photos, where each image tells a tale of sophistication and charm.

As part of our deluxe offering, indulge in the artistry of professional makeup, enhancing your allure for the lens. To make your experience seamless, we provide transportation from your hotel to the chosen location* and back, elevating your convenience to match the luxury you deserve.

General information

Days Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Duration 45 min
Start Time 7:00 AM / 8:00 AM / 5:30 PM
Min.Age Required 6+


  • Two beautiful flying dress from our Flying Dresses catalogue
  • 90 minutes of session
  • One location*
  • Posing guidance
  • 25 professionally retouched photos
  • Professional Make up for one person
  • Transportation (hotel-locations-hotel) for two persons.

*Please ask for the locations options.

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