Nadine Krosendijk: Circle Gathering

$20 p.p.

Nadine Krosendijk: Circle Gathering – Feel the power of the circle

Dive into the enchanting realm of Nadine Krosendijk: Circle Gathering, where the energies of individuals merge to form a powerful collective. In the heart of Aruba, experience the transformative power of the circle, where ancient wisdom meets modern souls.

Harnessing Collective Energies:

At Nadine Krosendijk: Circle Gathering, we celebrate the unique essence each participant brings to the circle. Feel the resonance as energies intertwine, creating a harmonious flow that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. Through guided meditations and meaningful discussions, we explore the depths of our souls, sharing wisdom and compassion. The circle becomes a sanctuary, fostering growth, healing, and a profound sense of unity.

A Gathering Beyond Boundaries:

Our Circle Gathering transcends conventional boundaries. It’s not merely a meeting; it’s a transformative experience where hearts connect, and spirits align. Whether you seek spiritual enlightenment, emotional healing, or simply the joy of communal energy, this gathering is a haven for all seekers. Every participant contributes to the collective wisdom, creating a tapestry of diverse yet interconnected stories and insights.

Max. Number of Guests: 5

Meeting Location: Beach

General information

Days Sunday
Duration 2 hours
Start Time 7 PM
Min.Age Required 18+

Additional information:

  • Max. participants: 10
  • Durartion: 90 minutes

Meeting & pick up:

  • This tour does not offer pick-up service
  • Meeting location: The gathering takes place at the beach, the exact location will be confirmed after booking.