Papiamento Restaurant is housed in a historic cunucu manor, or typical old Aruban farmhouse, built in the early nineteenth century, complete with thick walls, a sloped roof, and a cistern to gather the precious rain that falls so infrequently in Aruba.
The inside rooms are crammed with Dutch antiques, including hammered copper coffee ware, an old ceramic tiled stove, old ceramic and copper coffeepots,
handmade lace, and hand-carved furniture, such as an old wooden bread-proofing cabinet.

A collection of antique French prints dating from the Grand Epoque of the late nineteenth century fills the walls of the main room.
The house was and still is originally the home of the Ellis family which still operates the restaurant.

The beautifully planted grounds accented with sculptural and folk art makes for a beguiling ambiance.

At twilight, birds serenade outdoor diners seated at small tables in the garden surrounding a luminescent pool.
Or bigger group tables at the tree terrace relaxing linen covered chairs, and handmade, freshly ironed,white eyelet tablecloths add to the air of lush elegance



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