Screaming Eagle

Screaming Eagle - taste and the pleasure of dining. Chef Erwin Hüsken prepares fresh seafood - locally caught and from around the world - in his modern interpretation. The meats proudly reveal their affinity to French cuisine. Seasonal specials are at times exotic and unique in this part of the world. Healthy vegan and vegetarian options are Chef Erwin‘s new and growing passion.

Great food screams for great wine to come along. And Screaming Eagle propelled the wine list to the next level with over 300 listings - of course, WineSpectator awarded. Mixologist and junior sommelier Joanne Eckmeyer has many more liquid dreams at your disposal.

The whole package is compelling, hence Screaming Eagle was voted best restaurant in the Caribbean by ‘Caribbean Journal’ in 2015! Repeating to make a mark on the Top 50 list for 2016, Chef Erwin Hüsken excelled to ‘Caribbean Chef of the Year Award’ for 2017. And striving.

Welcome to deliciousness!

Screaming Eagle


Screaming Eagle

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