Aruba Aloe Museum

Pay a visit to Aruba Aloe Museum, Factory and Store on-site in Hato, Aruba. Just a few minutes away from the hotel Area. Th Aruba Aloe Tours are led by a time of local Aruban Aloe guides and the tours are in English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamento. The tour starts every 15 minutes.
You can also visit the Museum Independently. There is an 11-minute audiovisual presentation about Aruba Aloe, the products and their over 100 years worth of history.
The tour also gives information about the domestication of the Aloe plant, and how this shaped the beginning of the agricultural way of life on Aruba.
The tour is held every 15 minutes, where you will see exactly how the aloe is ‘fileted’. During the tour you are going to learn about the many benefits of Aloe Vera. Afterwards, take a walking tour around the Factory facilities, where you’ll see the many areas such as: the aloe cutting room, the testing lab, the filling room, packing and storage.