Clear Kayak Aruba

Embark on a transparent adventure!

Clear Kayak Aruba is where the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean become your personal window to the vibrant marine life beneath. They are a pioneer in aquatic exploration. They invite you to discover the magic of Aruba’s coastal wonders through their state-of-the-art clear kayaks.

At Clear Kayak Aruba, they redefine the way you experience the sea with our innovative clear kayaks. Witness the breathtaking marine life beneath you as you paddle through the Caribbean’s azure waters. Offering an unparalleled visibility and a connection to the underwater world. Join them for an extraordinary journey during our Day and Night Tours. Each providing a unique perspective of Aruba’s aquatic wonders.

What each tour offers:
  • During the Day Tours, bask in the tropical sunshine as you navigate the vibrant coral reefs and explore the diverse marine ecosystems that characterize Aruba’s coastal beauty. The clear kayaks offer an unobstructed view, allowing you to witness the colorful fish and coral formations beneath you, creating memories that last a lifetime.
  • As the sun sets, our Night Tours unveil a different world beneath the surface. Equipped with underwater lights, the clear kayaks illuminate the nocturnal activities of marine life. Experience the enchantment of the sea under the starlit sky, where the waters come alive with bioluminescent wonders, creating a magical and surreal atmosphere.

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