Playa Linda Beach Resort

Playa Linda Beach Resort is a family friendly resort located beachfront the most vibrant beach, Palm Beach. The smiles are at the forefront of their welcome. The homey environment of the suites, will seal the deal. The stunning sunset views, comforts and conveniences of each suite. The suites have fully equipped kitchens, can be further customized through the luxury of choice. Plata Linda features nine different suiters categories among its 125 spacious suites to fit jour just-right resort lifestyle. Playa Linda also offers timeshare and a lot of different facilities that will make your stay even more comfy. You can relax in the peaceful spa area, relax next to the pool or jump into the clear blue water of the Caribbean Sea. Thereby Playa Linda offers different shops, restaurants and bars. The resort offers a diversity of sports, they have a gym, tennis court and offers daily classes.