Primo Tacos & Burritos Aruba

Taste the authentic flavors of Mexico in the heart of Aruba
Primo Tacos & Burritos Aruba is a culinary haven where tradition and innovation come together by delivering a fiesta of flavor to your taste buds. They are the destination for those seeking a true Mexican dining experience. They offer a diverse menu with the freshest ingredients and a passion for delivering delectable sensations. At Primo Tacos, the emphasis is on providing a feast for the senses. From our vibrant atmosphere to the rich aromas emanating from the kitchen. Every detail contributes to an immersive Mexican culinary adventure. The menu is carefully crafted to reflect the authenticity of Mexican cuisine. It offers an array of tempting options ranging from classic tacos and burritos to innovative creations that showcase the diversity of flavors Mexico has to offer. Whether you're in the mood for street-style tacos or looking for our signature dishes. Every bite is a journey through the culinary landscape of Mexico. With a commitment to quality and an unwavering dedication to flavor, their chefs bring the taste of Mexico to Aruba. Each dish is a celebration of tradition and innovation. Primo Tacos & Burritos Aruba is not just another restaurant; it is a culinary fiesta that invites you to taste the essence of Mexico in every bite. Our passion for delivering an authentic dining experience, combined with the warm hospitality that characterizes Mexican culture, sets us apart as the ultimate destination for Mexican cuisine in Aruba. Ready to enjoy the flavors of Mexico?
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