Nature & Parks

Discover the beautiful nature and parks on our amazing island. Be amazed by the landscapes and the history of Aruba.

Discover Aruba's nature

Discover the beauty of Aruba by getting into nature and visiting the parks. Relax and unwind on the calm west coast of Aruba, with beautiful sandy beaches. Climb the Hooiberg Hill and enjoy the view over most of the island. Go to the North coast of the island to watch the rocky landscape. All formed by volcanic action thousands of years ago.


On the northern side of the island you will find a lot of mangroves. Especially within the Savaneta and San Nicolas area. This is one of the most important vegetation when it comes to the marine life living near the coast line. Besides the coral reefs, the mangroves are very important for Aruba's ecosystem.

Arikok National Park

Visit Arikok National Park during your stay on Aruba. Where beaches transfer into desert landscapes. You will find huge cacti, limestone cliffs and the calming sound of waves touching land. The sea at the north coast is mostly rough witch makes it beautiful to watch in contrast with the cliffs. In this park you also find the Fontein Cave and Quadirikiri cave to mix up history with nature.