$62 p.p.
Family Tours, Food & Drinks, Open Bar, Snorkeling
2.5 hours

Pelican: Sailing and Snorkeling Cruise

Sail into Paradise with Pelican Adventures’ Sailing and Snorkeling Cruise Indulge in a day of tropical bliss with...

$123 p.p.
Adventure, Day Tours, Family Tours, Sightseeing

ABC Tours: Island Ultimate Safari

Experience the Ultimate Adventure with ABC Tours Island Ultimate Safari! Embark on a thrilling journey with ABC Tours...

$25 p.p.
Adventure, Family Tours
15 min

Delphi: Tube ride

Book your tube ride at Delphi Watersports Aruba! One of the most popular exciting water sports activities with...

Discover Aruba

Discover the beautiful island of Aruba and everything that comes with it. Find the best restaurants, shops, where to stay & things to do in Aruba! Explore what to do on Aruba; from tropical resorts and adventurous activities to boutiques with local products and the international cuisine of Aruba.

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Aruba Nights Magazine

Welcome to Aruba! Trusted and recognized throughout the Caribbean, Nights Publications publishes the premier lifestyle and travel magazines on Aruba and Curaçao.

Grab your own Nights magazine and enrich yourself with informative and entertaining information, the best shopping areas, restaurants, tours & activities, beaches, nightlife, and the best incentives! The handy map of Aruba will guide you downtown and to the main hotel zones.

Nights magazines are available for free at the airport, hotel and timeshare resorts, retail outlets, restaurants, car rental agencies, tour bus operators, travel agents, ports of disembarkment for cruise vessels, and tourist offices.

Island Guide TV

Island Guide TV is a high quality tourist information TV channel broadcast in the vast majority of the hotels. It provides you with all you need to know about the island’s history and culture while also highlighting the best beaches, dining, and shopping areas. It shows the island’s natural beauty at its best and all the must-see attractions. You discover what to do and where to go in a quick and entertaining way.

Introduction Aruba

Discover The One happy Island in just a quick few minutes and get to know all Aruba has to offer!

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Location & Climate

Learn all about the geography of Aruba and the way the island was formed 100 million years ago as a result of underwater volcanic eruptions.

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History of Aruba

Aruba was inhabited thousand of years before the beginning of the Christian Calendar. Get to know the origin of the name Aruba and the goldmines located on Aruba.

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Culture Aruba

Today Aruba has over 100,000 inhabitants of more than 80 different nationalities. Learn all about Aruba’s culture in just a few minutes.

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Discover the Renaissance Marina, the 18th-century Fort Zoutman and a lot of boutiques at the vibrant main capital of Aruba, Oranjestad.

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Flora & Fauna Aruba

Aruba has a rich and diverse flora and fauna. Get to know the Divi-Divi trees, Aloe Vera or the many lizards and iguanas that consider the island home.

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The Best Beaches Of Aruba

Aruba has many stunning white beaches. Discover the beaches you can’t miss when you are on Aruba.

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Sights & Attractions

Get to know about the magnific sights & attractions that one happy island has to offer.

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Blog Aruba

Read our stories and blogs about Aruba and enrich yourself with valuable and entertaining information including pictures!

06 Dec 2022

Top Beaches on Aruba

Whatever your heart desires, Aruba has a beach for everyone. Laze in the sun, dive tropical reefs, windsurf with the...

05 Dec 2022

Awesome Oranjestad

There’s always something enchanted happening around Oranjestad. Visit day or night to discover why this little city is well on...

05 Dec 2022

Eco-Friendly Explorations

Leaving lighter footprints and finding planet-friendly pastimes is a breeze on this island if you know what the options are....

05 Dec 2022


The physical and spiritual appeal of water, the rationale behind most spas, has attracted people seeking health and well-being for...

05 Dec 2022

15 Fabulous Must-Do Aruba Activities

Many of this island’s unique attractions and activities are well-known by regular visitors, but for first-timers, there are many hidden...

05 Dec 2022

An Enchanting Eco-Attraction

Secreted away in a lush tropical garden oasis full of brilliant blooms and serene koi ponds is The Aruba Butterfly...

03 Feb 2022

Als het niet Palmera is, is het niet lokaal

Het is een nogal vreemd en onopvallend gebouw dat zo’n 57 jaar geleden werd gebouwd en dat veel meer bekend...


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Frequently Asked Questions

Aruba is one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean. Average crime rates are low compared to other islands, and the people are very friendly! Aruba is also located just outside of the hurricane belt, meaning that the island is usually not in the direct path of hurricanes.

Aruba is the island with the least rainfall in the Caribbean. All year long, the temperature remains around 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit). Except for a few occasional showers, the sun is usually always shining in Aruba. This is also one of the many reasons why the island has such a high percentage of repeat visitors.

While Aruba is best known for our beautiful beaches, there is so much more to do than just lounging in the sun or going for a swim. Visit the historical Oranjestad and explore museums and distinctly Caribbean colored buildings. Or take a trip down to San Nicolas, also known as “Sunrise City”, this cute little town is covered in colorful and artistic murals. Aruba also has a national park named Arikok, and two rock formation parks Ayo and Casi Bari. Fancy a climb? Take on the challenge and climb the steps up to Aruba’s Hooiberg mountain. For the adventure seekers the north side of the island has a lot to explore as well, from old abandoned ruins to natural pools. Take a catamaran out to sea and visit one of the amazing shipwrecks along the coast, or go parasailing to see the coastline from a different perspective. Or take it to the next level and go skydiving. When visiting Aruba you won’t go hungry, as the restaurant and nightlife scene is bustling with many different types of cuisine and interesting dining concepts. Whether you want to relax or explore, Aruba has something for you.

As the weather is consistently warm, Aruba is a great travel destination year round. The high season with the most visitors starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-April, this means that prices can rise in this period. So if you’re looking for a less crowded and more affordable vacation, think about planning your trip around the summer months.

The most popular place to stay in Aruba is Palm Beach. The majority of Aruba’s high-rise hotels are located here. Along the strip you will also find many casino’s, restaurants, clubs and watersports companies. This is a great area for first timers. Most of the low-rise hotels are located along Eagle Beach, stay here if you’re looking for a more quiet accommodation. Don’t worry though, you will still be close to the hustle and bustle of Palm Beach when staying at Eagle Beach. Staying in Oranjestad is also highly recommended, although it is further away from the beach, the colorful town is sure to inspire you.

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