Discover and enjoy all the watersport activities Aruba has to offer. With world class conditions there are plenty kite- and windsurf possibilities. Thereby there are a lot of other watersports to consider when visiting 'One Happy Island'.

Watersport activities on Aruba

The clear turquoise of the Caribbean Sea surrounding Aruba is mind blowing. With a constant sea breeze there are many watersport activities to consider. Explore the vibrant underwater world while snorkeling or scuba diving.

Above, you can enjoy world-class winds while kite and windsurfing. Check out the shacks at Fisherman's Huts for kite lessens. Just want to watch them in action? Check out Arashi or Boca Grandi. More interested in water skies or other water activities check out the Palm Beach and Eagle Beach area. Keep in mind that the beaches on the North are mostly not safe to swim because of the high waves and strong currents. When entering the water always be aware of your surroundings.